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  • Little Joe | pressbook

    Little Joe | pressbook

    Design of the pressbook for the latest film from Coproduction Office, the science-fiction movie Little Joe (2019)by Jessica Hausner Winner of the Best Actress Award at Cannes Film Festival 2019 for Emily Beecham’s performance. And some drafts for the poster:

  • Aren’t You Happy? | movie poster & pressbook

    Aren’t You Happy? | movie poster & pressbook

    Design of the original movie poster for Aren’t You Happy? / Das melancholische Mädchenby Susanne Heinrich (2019) winner of the Max Ophüls Prize for Best Film and the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury in Saarbrücken Film Festival 2019 (Germany). And design for the pressbook of the film

  • Props | graphic design

    Props | graphic design

    Designs made specifically for props (background posters, bottle labels, magazines, enterprise websites, business cards…und alles möglich : ) From the collaboration with Andreas Schürmeyer (Props In Time).

  • CPO | graphic design

    CPO | graphic design

    Design of the homepage for Coproduction Office website

  • 3D Renders | set design

    Some 3D visualisations modelled with Sketch Up and rendered with V-Ray, for the design of the set of the Police Station in the german series Letzte Spur Berlin (a ZDF production).

  • The Square | movie pressbook

    The Square | movie pressbook

    Among other graphic design work, the freelance collaboration with Coproduction Office and Plattform Produktion resulted in the movie pressbook for The Square (2017)by Ruben Östlund Winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival 2017. Poster presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017: And other drafts for the poster:

  • Quotidianum


    Images from the daily life with some hidden meaning, maybe -or maybe just life-.

  • Menchen Tomas | graphic design

    Menchen Tomas | graphic design

    Some graphic design work for the fashion firma Menchen Tomas, from Barcelona. It includes digital catalogues for their collections, and images for their website, eshop and social networks.

  • Monsters in Berlin

    Monsters in Berlin

    Once upon a time there was a project in Berlin which wanted to bring the monsters in town. Merchandising (comprising toys, bags, pillows), as well as posters, illustrations, comic books, music and movies, all of them under the horror, sci-fi or fantasy tags, had found it’s place in what aimed to become a reference meeting…

  • Comic I

    Comic I

    Here’s a comic exercise I made for the Domestika course “El cómic es otra historia”, by Paco Roca. I recommend it to anyone who’s interested in comics, storyboards, or simply illustration with some narration behind. Same with Paco Roca’s books, they are amazing. The exercise consisted on drawing an auto-conclusive story of two pages. This…

  • URO | music video

    URO | music video

    Music video for the song Uro, from the album “Lecho de Piedra” (2014) by Àrnica. A very special project, since it was done for friends, with friends, and with very little experience – although it was great, as it could not be otherwise. The video was filmed in Soria – Spain, in a cold 2015…

  • Lleida


    Among those fields, many years ago, my mother was born under the dim light of a farm in the night. So at least half of me comes from that land. It’s a usual thing, every time we go there, to get the bikes and cross the fields. What used to be a dry land changed…

  • Barcelona


    Or the architectonic facade of my hometown. Appearing more empty than it really is. Much more empty. Picturing maybe a silence that I can’t find there anymore.

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