Monsters in Berlin

Once upon a time there was a project in Berlin which wanted to bring the monsters in town. Merchandising (comprising toys, bags, pillows), as well as posters, illustrations, comic books, music and movies, all of them under the horror, sci-fi or fantasy tags, had found it’s place in what aimed to become a reference meeting point for the lovers of such genre. Although the official store was never born, while the project was taking shape, it even had a pop-up store in Berlin and an online shop for a while.

I collaborated in this project with some tribute posters and illustrated textiles, which I screen printed in Berlin Pankow, as well as a graphic designer creating visual content for the web and social networks.

As special as it was, I also made an experimental video in stop-motion (first stop-motion exercise I did!). It pictures the adventures of three monsters (toys of the Monster Theater from dKiller Panda) in search of their friends, while they cross the best to-be horror shop in Berlin.

Music Seytan Rock (Wey Wey) – Göksu & Eyaculación Post-Mortem
Location dKiller Panda World Pop-Up Shop, Berlin

Graphic design work and product photography:

Franky - dKillerPanda World
dKillerPanda World banner


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