Music video for the song Uro, from the album “Lecho de Piedra” (2014) by Àrnica. A very special project, since it was done for friends, with friends, and with very little experience – although it was great, as it could not be otherwise.

The video was filmed in Soria – Spain, in a cold 2015 winter. We took the imaginarium of Àrnica and shot it within the beautiful natural landscapes where they were living at the time, the main character of a region with very low population density. The video is a tribute to the band, and tries to catch their essence while showing their handmade traditional instruments, their places, and their Iberian roots.

Music and lyrics by Àrnica
Assistance of Dani Barreda and Daniel Boj
Video shot and edited by Aina Riu


Stills from the video:

Images from the making-of:

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