I’m a freelancer from Barcelona, currently based in Berlin. With a bachelor in architecture, I love working with all things related to visuals, either static or in movement. If it has to do with telling stories, even better. To sum up, I’m a designer, but in the very broad sense of the word.

I believe design is a sum of different elements like language, architecture, rhythm, balance; inherent to every work of art, it allows the visualization of ideas in a particular and unique way. Ultimately, it gives a style, and this might be an important quality for all work to have.

You can write me at  hello@ainariu.com



“Toda luna, todo año
Todo día, todo viento
Camina, y pasa también.
También, toda sangre llega
Al lugar de su quietud.”

Books of Chilam-Balam, read on A Manual for Cleaning Women, from Lucia Berlin