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  • Sitges Film Festival 2018 coverage

    Sitges Film Festival 2018 coverage

    Another year at the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, with Suspiria by Luca Guadagnino as the opening title, and the chance of watching movies as Climax by Gaspar Noé, or Mandy by Panos Cosmatos. See all the daily articles following the link: http://www.ganiveta.com/news/sitges-film-festival-2018-day-1-lets-dance/ I also had the chance of taking this picture of Nicolas Cage 😉

  • Sitges Film Festival 2017 coverage

    Sitges Film Festival 2017 coverage

    Covering the best international fantasy & horror film festival of the year, for the second time for Ganiveta Magazine, and in such a special date as the 50th edition. I did write some daily articles – like this one about VR: http://www.ganiveta.com/news/sitges-film-festival-2017-day-8/ While mainly writing movie reviews, which you can find here among all my…

  • Monsters in Berlin

    Monsters in Berlin

    Once upon a time there was a project in Berlin which wanted to bring the monsters in town. Merchandising (comprising toys, bags, pillows), as well as posters, illustrations, comic books, music and movies, all of them under the horror, sci-fi or fantasy tags, had found it’s place in what aimed to become a reference meeting…

  • Sitges Film Festival 2016 coverage

    Sitges Film Festival 2016 coverage

    Attending the International Sitges Film Festival for the first time as press meant having the chance to fully plunge into the uncountable hours of horror and fantasy cinema that this unique festival offers, as well as having the chance to experience cinema as an almost non-stop experience in one of the most beautiful towns of…