A graphic novel project I’ve been working on for the last few years, this autobiographical story tells the experiences of a trip to Japan that I took 10 years ago. I went there to do an internship with the intention of staying in the country afterwards – I have been in love with Japan’s art and culture since I was a teenager. But the experience didn’t go as I expected: I quit my job and came back home after a month.

The comic deals with many themes of the coming-of-age genre from the perspective of a woman who is confronted with important life decisions on her journey to adulthood. The search for our identity abroad, being outside of our comfort zone and escapism are other related topics.

„JAPAN: THERE AND BACK” tells a complicated experience full of opportunities at the same time. A great chance to look at others and see yourself differently.

The work is based in the pictures and notes I took at the time, and is in an advanced stage. Agents or publishers interested in it can write me at hello (at) ainariu (dot) com



Another example of my work is this Zine, presented in A5 format in a limited printed edition. “Leap of faith” is a 20 pag. short story about a relationship, from the beginning until it ends. It tells about changing the perspective on how we relate to the world.