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  • Quotidianum


    Images from the daily life with some hidden meaning, maybe -or maybe just life-.

  • Sitges Film Festival 2016 coverage

    Sitges Film Festival 2016 coverage

    Attending the International Sitges Film Festival for the first time as press meant having the chance to fully plunge into the uncountable hours of horror and fantasy cinema that this unique festival offers, as well as having the chance to experience cinema as an almost non-stop experience in one of the most beautiful towns of…

  • Lleida


    Among those fields, many years ago, my mother was born under the dim light of a farm in the night. So at least half of me comes from that land. It’s a usual thing, every time we go there, to get the bikes and cross the fields. What used to be a dry land changed…

  • Barcelona


    Or the architectonic facade of my hometown. Appearing more empty than it really is. Much more empty. Picturing maybe a silence that I can’t find there anymore.