Japan | graphic novel

This graphic novel originated from a trip to Japan that took place 10 years ago. The work consists of two parts including an epilogue and is 222 pages long.

It is an autobiographical story about my failed attempt to move to Japan. In love with the country, I took an internship convinced it would allow me to stay afterwards. But the experience didn’t go as I expected: I quit my job and came back home after a month.

The comic deals with many themes of the coming-of-age genre from the perspective of a woman – central topics are identity, escapism and the search for ourselves outside the comfort zone. Traveling offers us the opportunity to rediscover ourselves.

It’s a story about welcoming change – an invitation to be honest with yourself: to accept mistakes, let go and keep moving forward, which sometimes means going back.

My drawings are based on many photographs that I took during the trip. Both places and events are realistically portrayed.

The project is in an advanced phase. Agents or publishers with an interest in representing my work are welcome to contact me at hello (at) ainariu (dot) com